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LABMP 590:
Technology & the Future of Medicine

A course at the University of Alberta discussing the technological singularity and what it means for medicine and society. Explore the future through our course videos.

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Who teaches in this course?

We invite experts from a wide range of fields to cover medicine, futurism, philosophy, ethics, etc. Click here to see the list of lecturers and their bios.

Why does the lecture schedule keep changing?

Because 'the future' is a moving target, we have a different lecture series every semester. The guest lecturers are invited based on availability and relevance to the course. That said, the marking scheme and class times will not be affected.

When is this course offered?

LABMP 590 is offered every Fall and Winter semester.

For up-to-date class times and locations, visit the UAlberta course catalogue page.

Who can take this course?

Graduate and undergraduate students from all faculties are welcome. No necessary prerequisites. If you're unsure or are interested in attending lectures prior to registration, feel free to drop by. We would be happy to have you visit!

What will I learn in this class?

As stated above, lectures are modified every semester. Core lectures on ethics, artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine, and quantum biology will recur each term, but other subjects may be added and changed as required. For this semester's topics, see the schedule linked above.

How do I join this course?

Make sure LABMP 590 fits into your schedule builder on BearTracks. Because this is a unique undergrad/grad course, please contact Prof. Kim Solez to communicate your interest (with your student #) and he will be able to complete your registration.

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